Taxi Security Cameras in Taxi Cabs

Before you start your shift you must check the status of the camera to ensure it is functioning correctly

Driver front panel It should have NO FLASHING LIGHTS after 30 secs OF TURNING ON THE car ignition

Security Cameras in Taxi Cabs

If you have any flashing lights after 30 secs please call us to check it

This is FREE within the warranty period

Please make sure you are following the CPV rules click here to review them

Security Cameras in Taxi Cabs It’s illegal to use a commercial passenger vehicle to provide unbooked services (those hailed or from a rank) in the Melbourne metropolitan and urban and large regional zones if it doesn’t have an approved security camera system that is fully functional. Footage from security cameras can only be downloaded by authorised CPVV officers and is accessed and used to investigate crimes reported to Victoria Police, and is used by us where we have legislated powers.

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