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taxi camera installation

Having Taxi Hire Services Install your equipment will insure committed in giving you Quality , Services and being Qualified Automotive Mechanics that mostly MATTERS.
We have Taxi Dome , Approved Taxi Security Cameras , Approved Taxi Stickers tactile and Braille

Extras Services like add USB ports and extra led lighting
– Vehicle inspection with Qualified Automotive Mechanic
– Commercial Passenger Vehicle Inspection taxi.
– LPG inspection ( licensed and fully insured )
– Car servicing and repair. – RWC inspection.
– Commercial Passenger Vehicle Inspection CPV.

Security cameras in commercial passenger vehicles . It’s illegal to use a commercial passenger vehicle to provide un booked services those hailed or from a rank in the Melbourne metropolitan and urban and large regional zones if it doesn’t have an approved security camera system that is fully functional.

taxi camera installation

Tactile Door Number Camera Stickers THS

Braille a form of written language for blind people In which characters are represented by patterns of raised dots that are felt with the fingertips.

Braille Tactile Numbering Stickers Connected with the sense of touch. vocal and visual signals become less important as tactile signals intensify perceptible by touch or apparently so tangible.

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