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Vehicle owner responsibilities

CPV services in Victoria are guided by the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Regulations 2018 (the regulations) and the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017 (the Act).

Vehicle owners and booking service providers must understand and meet their obligations under the regulations and the Act. Requirements that apply now, or will be introduced shortly, include record keeping, consumer protections, safety duties, incident notifications and complaints management. To view the regulations and the Act visit the acts and regulations page.

Equipment / signage

Vehicles providing unbooked services (taxis) require:

  • a fare calculation device (taximeter)
  • a CPVV approved security camera (metropolitan/urban/large regional only)
  • tactile signs fitted next to door handles
  • electronic payment terminal (for MPTP transactions) – see above
  • taxi number plates (issued by VicRoads)
  • security camera labels (inside/outside) if applicable
  • fare information (inside/outside). You can download fare labels for unbooked services from this website.

Please note:

  • roof signs (roof domes) are no longer required, but may be fitted
  • CPV service providers must provide their own labels/signs including passenger fare labels and security camera labels – see link to fare templates above
  • vehicles providing unbooked services (taxis) may be painted in any colour
  • the Authority to Register form is still issued by CPVV and vehicle owners must present this form to Vic Roads
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