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Installation Taxi Security camera Equipment.

We are installing THS VIC1 Security camera unit which is approved by the CPPV.

We offer complete taxi installation services for all vehicles.

CabCharge , Approved CPV Taxi Camera Security system

THS VIC1 has the latest technology , So buy with confidence  1080 , 1 TB  hard Drive –  and more THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY .

Master Mechanic  30 YEARS Qualified Automotive Mechanic/ Technician, licensed and fully insured
Make sure you have a Qualified Automotive Mechanic working on your Taxi as its your investment.

We offer:

  • Front dash Camera , Taxi Security Cameras , Rear car Camera , Internal Camera Taxi / Rideshare , External Camera Taxi / Ride share , Taxi Dome , Roof Racks , We offer complete taxi installation services for all vehicles

Professional Installations available For your safety these cameras come hard installed in your vehicle. untrue claims against drivers or passengers can be facts , as can other parties if you get involved in an accident. Taxi Equipment Installation , Taxi Security camera Equipment. Taxi Hire Services are licensed by the Victoria Police to provide Security Equipment Installation Services.

This includes the installation of: • Taximeters • Roof Lights • Spot Lights • Security Cameras • Dispatch systems • Two-way radios • EFTPOS Terminals.

Installation Taxi Security camera Equipment
taxi dome , Security camera Equipment. Installations of taxi dispatch systems, taxi meters, security cameras, roof signs and EFTPOS payment systems. Fitting of decals. taxi Equipment changeover to new car. Suitable for Taxis, Coaches & Maxi vans. Four camera ports available for car or 4 camera ports for maxi or bus configuration. Warranty for up to 3 year.


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