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Weather you have one Vehicle or 100 you should consider installing video footage. Providing a valuable record to exonerate a fleet driver should they be involved in a no-fault collision or have false accusations made against them. Dash Cams also allow the company to monitor if need be to remove drivers who do not follow company policies and standards. FLEET OPERATORS

Showing a dedication to corporate and community safety exemplifies a standard of good corporate values that fleet operators can use in marketing their companies.

Front and rear dash cams.

internal camera with Audio.

gps monitoring system.

4G Video monitoring.


independent CABS TAXI CPV.

Professional Installations available.

LED Taxi Dome Light.

Taxi Roof Rack.

Tactile Door Number.

Taxi Security  Cameras also Taxi Cabs security camera system commercial passenger vehicle industry independent CABS TAXI CPVV.

While u wait  Your taxi system can be installed or serviced whilst you wait.

Taxi-cab security cameras will be required to comply with CPVV security standards. if you are an accredited taxi network provider, accredited taxi service operator supplier or installer.
We carry a range of accessory items including antennas fuse boxes brackets etc.

All technicians who work on the security cameras are licensed by the Victoria Police.

We have a wide range of products commercial passenger vehicle operators Fleet vehicle and just everyday car drivers.

Taxi Hire Services Cameras Fully installed

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