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Commercial Passenger Vehicle Inspection  Ride Share , Taxi, Maxi Taxi.

You’ll need a vehicle inspection before you can start driving ride share in Victoria. Check your car meets requirements before having it inspected.

Road Worthy Certificates Car Inspections Melbourne | Our professional, highly trained vehicle inspectors are on your side. We can inspect a broad range of motor cars including 4WD’s, prestige vehicles, imported vehicles, commercial vehicles. Taxi  , Ride share.

Taxi and hire car vehicle inspections, including wheelchair accessible taxis (WATs) will now align with the inspection requirements of private vehicles. A detailed description of what is inspected is set out in the VicRoads publication Vehicle Standards Information 26 (VSI26 Roadworthiness requirements).

most importantly taxi camera because safety is number one this includes Taxi Car Inspections RWC


See how you can be a independent taxi operator

Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) payment terminal

As a provider of unbooked (taxi) services, vehicle owners are required to use an approved MPTP payment terminal for processing fares under the Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP).

Payment terminals that process MPTP transactions are available through Cabcharge Australia You will need to apply directly to those organisations.

New applicants may visit the Cabcharge website to register their interest in becoming a merchant partner.New merchants must complete and submit applications via Cabcharge’s online form. For enquiries, Cabcharge can be contacted on 1800 652 229.


Vehicle owner responsibilities / Equipment/signage

Vehicles providing unbooked services (taxis) require:

  • a fare calculation device (taximeter).
  • a CPVV approved security camera (metropolitan/urban/large regional only).
  • tactile signs fitted next to door handles.
  • electronic payment terminal (for MPTP transactions) – see above.
  • taxi number plates (issued by VicRoads).
  • security camera labels (inside/outside) if applicable.
  • fare information (inside/outside). You can download fare labels for unbooked services from this website.
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